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Boston, Massachusetts
Seaport Hotel benefits
  • Complimentary Internet
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • 3 Restaurants and Bars
  • One of Boston's Best Gyms
  • Free Bicycles to Explore
  • Free Electric Car Charging
  • MBTA "T" stop on campus
  • Heated indoor pool
  • Powered By OpenTable
  • Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center, Boston Event Venue - Action Kitchen
Action Kitchen
Imagine every time you invite people to a party, they end up being in the kitchen! Well, of course, who doesn't like some warm, welcoming, and a space loaded with captivating fragrances and flavors?
Action Kitchen™-Seaport Hotel brings a whole new culinary experience that takes congregating in the kitchen to a delightful and wholesome experience.
Imagine you and your guests are standing in a sparkling connoisseur kitchen with cutting edge hardware, the freshest ingredients and a menu exclusively created by an elite culinary expert. What's even more exciting is that you are not here to just indulge in the food - you get to assist with setting up each extraordinary dish with an expert chef, as you go. Indulge in some wine, music, and exuberant discussions as you take part in this ultimate culinary experience.
This isn't any ordinary group or an event - it's an ultimate cooking party in the ultimate kitchen.
Action Kitchen is the ideal location for cooking and spending time with loved ones in an unique atmosphere.  It's likewise a new way for corporate groups to construct cooperation and upgrade togetherness.  
Seaport's Action Kitchen is open! Plan your next occasion now by calling 617-385-4212 or email, [email protected]
Social Events - Seaport Hotel Action Kitchen


Action Kitchen™ in Boston provides you a great way to celebrate all little and big things in life with the people you absolutely love: everything in a professional kitchen with personal training and instruction from top chefs! From birthday parties to baby and wedding showers, your event is sure to have more flavor when you share your special moments with us at Action Kitchen.
Corporate Events - Seaport Hotel Action Kitchen


Action Kitchen™ is Boston's ideal venue for building great teamwork, camaraderie, and hosting special corporate events. If you are focused on teambuilding and friendship in your company or organization, take the advice of our chefs and start cooking & eating. Nothing compares to good food when it comes to building relationships. We have created exciting experiences that you and your team can enjoy even if you have little experience in the kitchen.
Menus - Seaport Hotel Action Kitchen


We, at Action Kitchen, have a dedicated team to plan and discuss your menu when you call to book your culinary event with us. We make sure to create the perfect menu that reflects your group's interests, sparks their curiosity, and respects their health and dietary requirements. Select from lunch, a three-course meal, our collaborative cooking, and a cocktail menu depending on the size of your group and your budget. 
Accolades - Seaport Hotel & World Trade Center


Action Kitchen™-Seaport Hotel brings a new culinary experience that makes sitting in the kitchen a pleasant and healthy experience. Action Kitchen™ is the perfect idea to celebrate social events and festivals with loved ones. It is also a new way for business groups to build collaboration and develop partnerships. Action Kitchen™ guests create unforgettable dining experiences every time they visit. Join us for a meal that you will always remember.

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