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We work as team in seaport hotel

Meet Boston’s Most Passionate Event Planners

At the Seaport Hotel in Boston, passionate people power your events. Our team of Boston's best event planners is dedicated to your vision and success, working with you as a solutions partner. From selecting the perfect meeting venue to designing creative menus and activities, the expertise of the Seaport team is unparalleled. Our seasoned team has the experience to build on our partnership and deliver successful results.
Beth Reardon Hughes, Seaport Hotel boston

Beth Reardon Hughes

  • At Seaport: Since 1998
  • Number of Events: Thousands
Favorite Part of the Job: "I thoroughly enjoy meeting people, building relationships and working hard to find the best solution that meet their initial needs - and in the end exceeds their expectations."
John Lapusata, seaport hotel boston

John Lapusata

  • At Seaport: Since 2005
  • Number of Events: " I have lost count!"
Favorite part of the Job: "I enjoy working with a diverse group of customers - and making them all happy!"
Peter Moriarty, seaport hotel boston

Peter Moriarty

  • At Seaport: Since 1995
  • Number of Events: Over 700
Why Seaport: "Seaport was pioneer in Boston's waterfront district, and we continue to be a pioneer, evolving through technology, green programs and state-of-the-art meeting facilities."
Cindy Moriarty, seaport hotel boston

Cindy Moriarty

  • Number of Events: Thousands
Favorite part of the job: "Working with our clients and the variety of my job. Whether it's a small group having a multi-day meeting or a larger scale conference that has a variety of breakouts and special events, I thoroughly enjoy working closely with our clients and finding solutions that make them, and their guests, happy."
Leah Malin, seaport hotel boston

Leah Malin

  • At Seaport: 20 years
  • Number of Events: Thousands
Favorite part of the job: "I love that I get to come to work every day and be creative. Whether it is brainstorming with my team on a fresh and fabulous presentation, or working with one of my clients to come up with a solution that fits their needs, I never have a day that I don't get to think outside the box and create new opportunities and ideas for our guests and property!"
Nancy Coan, seaport hotel

Nancy Coan

  • At Seaport: 20+ years
  • Number of Events: Thousands
Favorite saying: "A clipboard and comfortable shoes are a party-planning girl's best friend!"
Jess Lusty

Jess Lusty

  • At Seaport: Since April 2022

Favorite Part of the Job: "I love building relationships with clients and bringing their vision to life. There is nothing more rewarding than taking a simple idea and turning it into a memorable experience."

David Malone

David Malone

  • At Seaport: Since 2016 (with a three year break in between!)
Why Seaport?: "Seaport is different from other hotels in that there is a tremendous feeling of responsibility and pride within our team. We all strive to ensure each guest has a distinctive experience, every time they visit."