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Boston, Massachusetts One Seaport Lane, Boston, Massachusetts 02210
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  • Check-in: 3:00 PM
  • Check-out: 12:00 PM
  • 428 Rooms & Suites
  • Personal wedding consultant
  • Personal menu tastings
  • Five ballrooms
  • City/Harbor views
  • Outdoor gardens/spaces
  • Valet/underground parking

A Beautiful Wedding on the Boston Waterfront

Dream Weddings Happen at Seaport
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WEBVTT 00:00:00.208 --> 00:00:04.546 00:00:04.629 --> 00:00:06.172 Seaport is the only hotel in Boston 00:00:06.256 --> 00:00:09.008 that has a 100% dedicated wedding team. 00:00:09.092 --> 00:00:12.137 The team of experts that we have work exclusively with brides. 00:00:12.220 --> 00:00:13.596 Really what that means to you 00:00:13.680 --> 00:00:15.181 is that we are your day-of-wedding planner, 00:00:15.265 --> 00:00:16.891 we are your fairy godmothers. 00:00:16.975 --> 00:00:19.102 We are here to make your dreams a reality 00:00:19.185 --> 00:00:21.271 and make your day 100% perfect. 00:00:21.354 --> 00:00:24.482 We chose the Seaport Hotel because we wanted 00:00:24.566 --> 00:00:27.068 to be somewhere that felt like home for us. 00:00:27.152 --> 00:00:28.820 The moment you guys come through the doors, 00:00:28.903 --> 00:00:31.114 we take care of you, we are, you know, 00:00:31.197 --> 00:00:33.158 inviting you into our home, essentially, 00:00:33.241 --> 00:00:34.617 and we want to make sure this is 00:00:34.701 --> 00:00:37.287 a special and memorable experience. 00:00:37.370 --> 00:00:40.874 Melissa took the time to customize everything with us. 00:00:40.957 --> 00:00:44.544 She really asked about what we like, what we wanted. 00:00:44.627 --> 00:00:46.254 She wanted to get to know us 00:00:46.337 --> 00:00:48.047 as much as we wanted to get to know 00:00:48.131 --> 00:00:49.632 what they could do for us here. 00:00:49.716 --> 00:00:51.634 The Seaport allowed me to really customize everything. 00:00:51.718 --> 00:00:53.136 There were things that I really wanted 00:00:53.219 --> 00:00:55.847 and they allowed me to go with my vision. 00:00:55.930 --> 00:00:59.184 Food is my specialty, so I am here to help you create 00:00:59.267 --> 00:01:01.811 and customize that perfect wedding day menu. 00:01:01.895 --> 00:01:03.980 There were things on the menu that I wanted to add, 00:01:04.063 --> 00:01:07.066 and the Seaport allowed me to kind of customize 00:01:07.150 --> 00:01:08.443 and personalize that. 00:01:08.526 --> 00:01:10.278 We do "I do" with a view. 00:01:10.361 --> 00:01:11.988 So anything that you can think of, 00:01:12.071 --> 00:01:14.073 garden views, water views, 00:01:14.157 --> 00:01:15.825 city views, we have it all here 00:01:15.909 --> 00:01:17.911 and all of our spaces are truly unique. 00:01:17.994 --> 00:01:20.163 Everything is finalized in advance. 00:01:20.246 --> 00:01:22.081 We had such confidence in Melissa. 00:01:22.165 --> 00:01:25.126 We just knew that everything was gonna be taken care of for us. 00:01:25.210 --> 00:01:27.003 Love introducing the couple into the ballroom. 00:01:27.086 --> 00:01:28.505 Those ballroom doors when they open, 00:01:28.588 --> 00:01:30.381 it's the best moment, it's magical. 00:01:30.465 --> 00:01:31.800 The Seaport was above and beyond 00:01:31.883 --> 00:01:33.426 anything I could have asked for. 00:01:33.510 --> 00:01:35.386 It was the best decision I ever made. 00:01:35.470 --> 00:01:37.764
With more breathtaking views and venues than any other hotel in Boston, Seaport is one of the Northeast's most popular choices for weddings with dazzling city and harbor views. Every bride gets her own dedicated wedding consultant who's with her every step of the way and our culinary team is unrivaled for creativity and flair. Celebrate outdoors, framed by sweeping city and harbor views, or choose from five ballrooms, and decorate your venue in a style that suits your sensibilities. Inspired by our harbor views, Seaport is a waterfront sanctuary that's inviting, elegant and beautifully breathtaking. Our professional wedding consultants work with you to realize your vision. Your Day. Your Way.

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Seaport Boston Hotel Wedding Venues

Wedding Venues

Picture a waterfront, Boston Harbor setting for your special day. Choose from five ballrooms, or plan your celebrations outdoors with city and harbor views. Engagement parties and rehearsal dinners are perfect in our private dining rooms.
Seaport Boston Hotel Wedding Planning Services

Planning Services

At Seaport, your personal wedding consultant is dedicated to perfecting every detail, so you can focus on the beauty of each moment. Let our team handle decorative arrangements, logistics and catering crafted to suit your ideal vision.
 Catering & Menus at Seaport Boston Hotel

Catering & Menus

Enhance your wedding with four-star cuisine and seasonal menus from our talented chefs. We're home to the most delicious weddings in Boston, with seasonally inspired menus culled from fresh, regional ingredients and crafted to please any palate.
Seaport Boston Hotel Wedding Testimonials

Read Testimonials

Planning your wedding is one of the most special journeys of your life time. Discover for yourself why Seaport is truly a romantic place to celebrate your love and share every moment in iconic Boston style. Every Moment. Your Day. Your Way.
Seaport Boston Hotel RFP/Contact A Seaport Wedding Consultant

Contact A Seaport Wedding Consultant

Effortless planning, a waterfront setting, and perfect coordination make Seaport weddings truly memorable. Contact our team and consult with our wedding planners on how we can best help you realize your dream day on Boston Harbor.
Dream Weddings

Dream Weddings

The Seaport team is ready to make your dream wedding a reality. Click here to read the stories of other happy Seaport couples and their dream weddings.
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