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Summer Wedding Survival Guide

About 3 year(s) ago by MediaConnect
Summer Wedding Survival

The most recent post in a series from Seaport's wedding and social event expert, Leah Malin


We are officially in the throes of wedding season! Gorgeous weather, hot days (and even hotter nights on the dance floor) can wreak havoc on a Bride’s look!


From my perspective, I always tell brides to be sure to stay hydrated, keep alcohol to a minimum, especially before stepping in front of the camera, keep in mind the season when figuring out hair (an up-do always stays camera-ready!) and ALWAYS build in plenty of break time in A/C when doing outdoors!


But what about some tips from behind the lens?


I reached out to my friend Nikki Cole of Photography by Nikki Cole fame to ask what advice she gives her brides for looking show-ready in their photos during the hot summer months.  In true Nikki fashion, she tells it like it is! Here are her top tips:


“I am a big fan of the first look, because it happens early before you start ‘glowing’ in a bad way from the heat.”


Taking a page from her book, when once upon a time she was a Seaport Bride, this is my favorite piece of advice from Nikki:

“What I should have done on my wedding was ask my most honest bridesmaid to be on guard and tell me to reapply. Half way through my wedding, I was on the dance floor without any make-up remaining and could have used someone to tell me when to reapply more powder!”


Great advice from one of the best!


Photo courtesy of Photography by Nikki Cole.


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