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popping the question

By: Seaport Hotel / 28 Mar 2016
popping the question

Popping the Question

The third in a series of posts from Seaport's wedding and social event expert, Leah Malin

Lately, there is more than just one proposal tied to every wedding. After saying YES (but before Saying Yes to the Dress!) Brides are turning the tables and popping their own question by asking friends and family to join their wedding party in unique #bridesmaidproposals.

Need some charming ideas to design the perfect proposal for your posse? Check out these on-trend ideas from


The best proposals are always the ones that are most authentic to each Bride's personality, style and taste. If you find the DIY nature of these examples too overwhelming to produce on your own, is always a great resource. Check out the link below for some precious, customizable options that won't break the bridal budget:

Hope this inspires you to get popping!

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