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Next Stop: A New MBTA

By: Seaport Boston Hotel / 02 Jan 2019
Next Stop: A New MBTA


We take being green seriously at the Seaport, and that's most evident in our embrace of getting around town in the most sustainable ways possible. From bikes to water taxis, it's easy to get to and from Seaport in ways far more energy-efficient than a gas guzzler. Our adjacent Massachusetts Bay Transit Authority World Trade Center station is your easiest access point to Greater Boston, and it's about to get even more connected in 2019. MBTA, or "T", travelers had a lengthy Christmas list, and it seems like the transit authority is ready to deliver.

New Green Line trains are beginning to roll onto the rails, and the entire Orange Line and Red Line (each of these subway lines is accessed just a few stops away on the Silver Line via South Station) fleets are due to be replaced over the next two years. Don't think the MBTA forgot about our own line – the transit network will add five electric Silver Line buses to the line soon. Take the T – it's your ticket to Boston!




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