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19 Apr 2016
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Code Dress

The eleventh in a series of posts from Seaport's wedding and social event expert, Leah Malin

One of the number one panic calls I get during Gala Season is WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Not just from guests that are coming to events I am lucky enough to plan, but from people heading out and not sure what to wear to other events in Boston and Beyond.

Savvy planners will note the anticipated attire on the website or even invitation, but the gray areas are what can be the most confusing, and can put distress in getting dressed!


Need some guidance? has a great go-to list to help you decode the dress code.


  • From my perspective, remember the location, day of the week and type of event you are going to can also provide guidance for what to wear.
  • Going to an after work event? Business attire is always acceptable, but maybe ditch the bulky work bag for a clutch and some fun shoes, or a great signature accessory to help you transition from day to night when there isn’t much time for a glamourous costume change.
  • Weekend Events are usually more formal, and easier to dress for as you are not battling traffic to get from desk to dinner. Take a cue from the flow: if there is dancing to end the night, you know that the tone of the evening will be more social and therefore a party or cocktail dress is an ideal –and fun-choice.
  • Take the location of the event into consideration, for example, if you are going on a boat, nautical chic (don’t forget appropriate shoes!) is always a good look!




Still stuck? Take it to the internet! Check out photos of previous year’s events to get a sense for what other guests have worn in the past. No matter what you wear, be sure you are always true to your own taste, sense of style, and wear what makes you feel comfortable!


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