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#SayHello - Kristaq

By: Seaport Hotel / 03 Mar 2016
#SayHello - Kristaq
You may notice him in various public areas of the hotel, ensuring that lamp shades are straight and clean or picking up a map that's been left behind. He will often do his work quietly while smiling yet he is always keeping his eyes open for a guest who may need help – perhaps providing them with directions or walking with them to the correct function room. We'd like you to #‎sayhello‬‬‬‬ this week to Kristaq, a Public Space Attendant here at Seaport.
In talking with Kris, he is quick to say that he thoroughly enjoys interacting with our guests as it gives him great energy and motivation. What he won't tell you is that he was named Employee of the Year in 2014. A Seaport team member for 15 years (he first got his start in Laundry), Kris takes tremendous pride in keeping our public spaces as clean as possible.
When he is not taking good care of Seaport and our guests, he likes spending time outdoors. He can often be found in his garden, which has produced an abundance of tomatoes this year (50 plants will do that!) He enjoys tending to his fish in the small pond that he built with his son's help, and to his five chickens, which are providing his family with delicious eggs.
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