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Boston, Massachusetts One Seaport Lane, Boston, Massachusetts 02210
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Whether visiting for a Day or a Week, Seaport is Committed to the Health and Wellness of All of Our Guests

Rest Well at Seaport
At Seaport, we know that getting a good night's sleep is probably the most important thing you want from your hotel when you're
traveling.  And nothing's worse than a difficult night's sleep whether you're traveling for business or pleasure.  That's why we've created our REST WELL program to help you get the rest you deserve. Each of the following items can be ordered from our housekeeping team just by dialing 4340:

• Seaport Mattresses. A sleep surface is a very personal experience. While most of our guests are delighted with our mattresses for those of you who desire a more "plush" experience we have feather overlays. And for those who desire more firm support we offer extra firm mattresses.

• The Seaport Pillow Library. Choose from over 10 different types and shapes of pillows to help send you off to slumber land
- BioSense
- Memory Foam
- Shoulder Pillow
- Buckwheat
- Feather
- Hypo-Allergenic/Non-Feather
- Neck Pillow
- Swedish Memory
- Tri-Core Pillow
- Upper Body
- Water-Filled

• Weighted Blankets. Weighted blankets are becoming increasingly popular now with many studies showing that they calm and relax you and help you get a better night's sleep.

• Lavender Sachets. Lavender has long been known as a sleep aid. Place a lavender sachet on your pillow or night stand and the aromatic smell will help you drift off to sleep.

• White Noise Machines. Ask for one of our white noise machines to help you sleep better by masking ambient noise.

Staying Well While on the Road
  • In need of a good walk or jog?  Customized neighborhood maps are available through Guest Services;
  • Complimentary bicycles are available in-season;
  • Guests receive complimentary access to Wave Health & Fitness, our full-service health club situated on the plaza level.  Featuring studio classes, personal training, state-of-the-art Cybex equipment, indoor pool and massage therapy services, Wave allows guests to easily maintain their fitness routine while on the road;
  • Fitness2U! kits are available for guests who prefer to workout in the comfort of their guestroom.  Kits include a 5 lb. dumbbell set; 3 Versa exercise tubes and a yoga mat; Wave's YouTube channel offers a video produced by our fitness trainers that guests may follow;
  • In-season, complimentary bicycles are available through Guest Services;
  • Meeting planners organizing meetings and events at Seaport may select "wellness" breaks that include healthy snacks and beverages and Wave's fitness instructors will conduct yoga, tai chi or a boot camp class;
  • PURE® Allergy-Friendly guest rooms allow for easier breathing for those who may be susceptible to allergens; each surface has been professionally treated to minimize irritants, odors and contaminants;
  • Seaport has been smoke-free since it opened in 1998.
Eating Well
  • Menus in TAMO Bistro & Bar, as well as our in-room dining and banquet menus, feature diabetes-friendly selections as well as vegetarian and gluten-free options;
  • Two complimentary bottled waters available in guest rooms, daily;
  • Over 1 million honey bees call Seaport home:  they produce award-winning honey which is incorporated throughout our menus;
  • Seaport's plaza organic herb garden provides herbs used in TAMO Bistro & Bar;
  • All of Seaport's menus incorporate as many seasonal and local products as possible;
  • Aura's breakfast bowls allow guests to prepare their meal as they wish, ensuring they make the best and healthiest selections to start their day.
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