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Bunker Hill
Monument Sq., Charlestown, Massachusetts, 02129 | 617-242-5641
Category: Attractions
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Bunker Hill: Historical Monument

Standing 221 feet above the ground, the Bunker Hill Monument is a majestic reminder of an inspiring battle during America's fight for independence. Although it was actually a colonial loss, the Battle of Bunker Hill played a central role in boosting military morale, thanks to significant losses suffered by the British. Between 1827 and 1843, the towering granite obelisk was erected to honor the courage and sacrifice of the inexperienced militiamen who fought in the battle. Today, this monument has become a popular tourist attraction based on its historical significance and architectural beauty.


  • Historical Site
  • Museum
  • Scenic Views


  • Where is the Bunker Hill Museum?

    Located on the Freedom Trail, the Battle of Bunker Hill Museum is situated directly across the street from the Monument. Built in 2007, the facility houses numerous exhibits examining the Battle of Bunker Hill and the history of Charlestown.
  • can you climb the Bunker Hill Monument?

    Yes. There are 294 steps leading up to the pinnacle of the monument. There are no elevators; however, the climb is well worth the effort, thanks to amazing views of the local countryside.

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