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Boston, Massachusetts
Seaport Hotel benefits
  • Complimentary Internet
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • 3 Restaurants and Bars
  • One of Boston's Best Gyms
  • Free Bicycles to Explore
  • Free Electric Car Charging
  • MBTA "T" stop on campus
  • Heated indoor pool
  • Powered By OpenTable
  • Corporate Events
Corporate Events
Action Kitchen™ is Boston's ideal venue for building great teamwork, camaraderie, and hosting special corporate events. If you are focused on teambuilding and establishing friendships in your company or organization, take the advice of our chefs and start with food.
Nothing compares to exceptional food when it comes to building relationships. We have created exciting experiences that you and your team can enjoy even if you have little cooking experience.
We've created two very exciting events to experience for our guests, i.e. "Collaborative Kitchen" and "Creative Cookoff". Even if you're a novice, you and your group will still enjoy every bit of it. We will start both the events with a warm welcome from the Action Kitchen host and cooking staff. We will also share a quick rundown of the cooking plan, safety tips and kitchen rules. We will then divide your group into teams and assign you your tasks.

Collaborative Cuisine

Collaborative cooking puts great emphasis on the flavorful results of working in a team. We will provide you with recipe cards based on a pre-created menu. Each team will work closely with a chef who will teach and assist the participants.

Creative Cookoff

Creative Cookoff is the most ideal choice for groups with a slightly more competitive bent. In this scenario, the participants will have to leave their recipe cards at the door. We will give each team a basket full of same ingredients. Each team is going to plan and prepare their own dishes with chef mentors by your side to provide expert advice. Some groups make the event more fun with special prizes for creativity, flavor, taste and more. The Creative Cookoffs are perfect for 20 - 25 guests.
Cooking like a chef is a huge task. But need not worry anymore. When your cooking tasks become more demanding, dedicated servers in the Action Kitchen are on hand with liquid refreshments. Once your dishes are ready, enjoy each course with perfectly matched wines and happy smiles.
Every celebration is special. That's why the Action Kitchen team is here to help you present, plan, and execute an event that engages your attendees, teaches them some great cooking tips and tricks, impresses guests, and achieves your business goals. We will also help you secure the best accommodations at Boston's Seaport Hotel for participants coming from far away.
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