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Boston, Massachusetts
Seaport Hotel benefits
  • Complimentary Internet
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • 3 Restaurants and Bars
  • One of Boston's Best Gyms
  • Free Bicycles to Explore
  • Free Electric Car Charging
  • MBTA "T" stop on campus
  • Heated indoor pool
21 - Sep
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Where:Boston, Boston,, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, United States, 02203
As promising clinical trial data emerges for KRAS G12C inhibitors and with strong chances of receiving FDA approval this year, the once undruggable RAS family of proteins no longer seem impossible to be cracked. This has undoubtedly resulted in great momentum in the field of oncology to develop RAS targeted therapies that safely, effectively and selectively drug all RAS driven cancers beyond those caused by G12C mutation. The 3rd Annual RAS Targeted Drug Development Summit is returning once again this September to reunite the biggest community of thought leaders and experts in Oncology, Cancer Therapeutics and Clinical Development to discuss robust monotherapies or combination strategies capable of specifically targeting different RAS-mutant cancer cells with less toxicity to enhance the impact of RAS therapies against all RAS driven cancers beyond lung. Via the latest preclinical, translational and clinical development data-driven case studies from academic and industry pioneers, the 3rd RAS Targeted Drug Development Summit is your only comprehensive roadmap to addressing unique challenges and future directions of finally drugging all RAS mutations and associated targets with novel modalities and next generation combination therapies. Incorporating tracks taking a deep dive into accelerating emerging modalities, validating robust combination strategies and advancing clinical development, this is your opportunity to gain extensive strategic and scientific information enabling you to solve the exact challenges you’re encountering to support development of safe and effective next generation RAS targeted therapies. Take advantage of our group discounts, academic rates and earlybird savings - don't miss out register now for the best rate!
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