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Seaport Hotel benefits
  • Complimentary Internet
  • Complimentary bottled water
  • 3 Restaurants and Bars
  • One of Boston's Best Gyms
  • Free Bicycles to Explore
  • Free Electric Car Charging
  • MBTA "T" stop on campus
  • Heated indoor pool
31 - Dec
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Where:The Old Manse, 269 Monument Street, Concord, Massachusetts, United States, 01742

Looking to get out between Christmas and New Year's Day? Share one of New England's most histoirc houses with your guests, or get to know a special place in your own backyard during extra hours open hours at the Old Manse. Join a tour to learn about the minister who sparked a revolution, his grandson that inspired the transcendental movement, and artists, musicians, and scientists who all called the Old Manse home during this house tour. From the American Revolution of 1775 through the literary revolution of the mid-19th century, you'll discover why the Old Manse is home is home to revolutions in both thought and deed that helped to define the American nation.

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