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08 Apr 2020
Wedding News
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Seaport Hotel

To Our Seaport Couples

Working remotely and adjusting to our "new normal" has our Director of Catering, Leah Malin, missing many aspects of the job she enjoys so much – meeting new couples, showcasing the spaces she's proud to represent, planning meetings over Prosecco, the excitement of rehearsals and the magic moment of sending the newly married couple into the Ballroom – the symbolic start of their new life.  She's penned a heartfelt note to our Seaport couples.


To Our Fabulous Couples,

I am sorry.  These words are not enough to describe the disappointment we are all feeling right now.  Know that my heart breaks as though it is my own wedding, because really, it is.  From our first tour, to the months of planning, I have proudly been the third member of TEAM WED, and was just as excited about getting so close to our shared vision coming together as you and your families were. 

Now that we have had some time to catch our breath and adjust to this new normal, I have a wish list of Do's and Don'ts to keep us focused, positive and most importantly, allow us to get back on track!

DO: Allow yourself to feel disappointed.  The fastest way to get to the acceptance piece is to feel your feelings and let it out.  Cry, vent, do some streaming kick-boxing classes, whatever you can to help you work through your frustrations. 

DON'T: Use this extra time to completely reinvent the wedding wheel.  While postponing to a different month may cause some seasonally relevant difference (peonies can be more expensive and less available in the Fall), stick to your vision and tweak only what is necessary.

DO: Use this time to connect as a couple.  The vows that speak to "in good times and in bad" are definitely getting a dress rehearsal right now.  How you communicate, connect and support one another (and your families) during this time is a great preview to how your marriage will work.

DON'T:  Get completely derailed from your pre-wedding routine.  Whatever it was, whether bridal boot camp, mediation or skin care, stick with it.  Sure, there may be some at home modifications, but the commitment you had to being the best you on the wedding day is important.  You will feel more of a sense of control by sticking to it!

DO: Stay in touch. I'm here and will continue to be here, to answer questions, alleviate stresses and get everything handled with you.  As I always tell my couples, I would rather have a five-minute conversation to alleviate stress or answer questions that you have, then have you worry about something in silence.

DON'T Stress about the things you cannot control. Whether it is a delay in getting a fitting or the time line of securing your marriage license, there is nothing we cannot deal with.  Flexibility is key right now.

Last and most importantly….

DO your part.  Stay in, wash your hands, and encourage your loved ones to do the same.  The fastest way to get on the other side of this is to sacrifice and be safe now.

A lot is uncertain right now.  But I do know one thing.  When this wedding finally happens, it will be epic.  It will mean something deeper, it will bring more joy to everyone that is part of it (me included) and it will be better than before.  EVERYONE will be ecstatic to have THE BEST TIME and celebrate you!

And that, is the ultimate silver lining.

Leah Malin
Director of Catering, Seaport


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