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Boston, Massachusetts
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09 May 2017
What's Happening at Seaport
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Seaport Boston Hotel

Best Time For Crab? It's Gonna Be May!

Perhaps the only thing more exciting this month than the excuse to use everyone’s favorite Justin Timberlake gif? Our crab specials at TAMO! The sun is poking through the clouds, puffy jackets and L.L. Bean boots are giving way to shorts and flip flops, and it’s time to get shellfish! From pasta to greens to between two slices of bread, crab is everywhere in our kitchen and dining room. Head down to TAMO to get a taste of the sea before the end of the month! Herewith, our crab lineup:


· Soft shell crab “scampi”, $24

· Soft shell crab with ramps, rhubarb, and fiddlehead chutney, and asparagus salad, $16

· Soft shell crab sandwich, tartar sauce, lettuce, tomato, and onion, $18


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