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 Environmentally Conscientious Employees at the Seaport Boston Hotel

Seaport’s team members are actively engaged in Seaport’s environmentally friendly initiatives and practice similar efforts at home.
  • Seaport’s Green Team, led by Michael Duffy, is responsible for researching, developing and implementing new company-wide environmentally friendly initiatives. This includes raising awareness within the company of both the various programs but also how team members can implement similar efforts in their homes.
  • Members of Seaport’s Engineering team have completed a six-month class designed to enhance building operators’ ability to harness energy and implement water conservation measures.
  • Over two dozen employees participate in Coastal Clean Up Day along Carson Beach in South Boston
  • Members of Seaport’s Green Team are active in Boston Green Tourism, a local organization that both encourages visitor industry professionals to ‘green’ their operations but provides the needed educational and best-practice information.
  • As part of Earth Day 2012, many of Seaport’s employees took a pledge to make an environmentally friendly change at home. The most popular pledges included shutting off the faucet while brushing teeth and unplugging cell phone and other chargers when not in use.
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